Winter 2015 VII

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Exclusive Publication of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

A Message from CEDIA’s Chairman

This past fall at CEDIA EXPO 2014, we had the great honor of celebrating CEDIA’s 25th anniversary. As the president of Triad Speakers, one of the association’s founding member companies, it was a particularly proud moment for me and my firm.  

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Premium features

  • Complete Control

    Managers reveal some of their best and most elegant energy management solutions for 2015 to make your clients’ lives easier.

  • Double Duty

    The clients wanted to be “wowed” and have the feeling of being completely immersed in the viewing experience in a new family theater.

  • International Showroom

    The top installs from Europe and beyond, as recognized by CEDIA.

  • Particularly Perfect

    TechLife Media Systems’ project included a client whose requirements for a dedicated home theater included a drop ceiling, multiple displays for watching sports, access to various plumbing/electrical locations, and an easy-to-use control system

  • That’s Entertainment

    Audio Input’s clients wanted a room that provided a true cinematic experience without standing out from the rest of the house.