Fall 2014

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Exclusive Publication of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

A Message from CEDIA’s Chairman

I have just returned from the CEDIA Awards Banquet put on by the CEDIA EMEA office near London. The European branch of CEDIA does a formal event every year, and this year’s event was in the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich—as in Greenwich Mean Time and longitude 0 degrees.  

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Premium features

  • Customer Service in the Most Unlikely Places

    Perhaps the most important part of any customer service program is building in some surprises. It should catch your customer totally unaware, and should send a positive message that supports your expertise and dedication to customers.

  • Japanese Tranquility

    Anyone who has travelled the world can appreciate a strong sense of topophilia—the bond between a person and place. This homeowner has that affection for Japan, having business ties there and homes in both that country and the United States. As such, he wanted his home to be in the Japanese style, and that included a place for a Japanese-inspired basement home theater.

  • On the Cutting Edge

    “Cutting-edge” is a term that is loosely thrown around in the consumer electronics industry. It’s always refreshing, then, to see a project that is actually worthy of the moniker. For this home, the owner wanted just that—a cutting-edge home automation and entertainment system for a £1.5 million ($2.5 million) home extension and overhaul of the legacy system in the rest of the home.

  • Simple Sophistication

    This dual-level luxury terraced flat nestled deep in the heart of Belgravia is a study of interior design and electronics in harmony. Parsons Green-based home technology professional Inspired Dwellings was charged with creating not only an AV system that could live up to the intensely visual lifestyle of this director and photographer, but also perform at its best while jibing with the minimalist style of the apartment itself.

  • Trends in Home Technology

    A look at home security, kitchen tech/smart appliances and home health technology.

  • Upgrading to the Big Leagues

    For Boston Red Sox starting catcher Jarrod “Salty” Saltalamacchia, baseball is of paramount importance—but his family’s safety and comfort had to hit a home run as well. At his West Palm Beach, Fla., home, he had upgraded his AV system with the ELAN g! entertainment and control system. After just a few weeks, Saltalamacchia was ready to integrate control of the home’s lighting, heating and cooling, security and surveillance.