Fall 2014 Update

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Exclusive Publication of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

A Message from CEDIA’s Chairman

I have just returned from the CEDIA Awards Banquet put on by the CEDIA EMEA office near London. The European branch of CEDIA does a formal event every year, and this year’s event was in the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich—as in Greenwich Mean Time and longitude 0 degrees.  

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Premium features

  • A Grand Venture

    If ever there was a testament of true teamwork, it was exemplified in this recent project from Sierra Integrated Systems (SIS) of Reno, Nev. With the homeowners only occupying the home half of the year, they requested a fully integrated home control system they could access and control remotely.

  • Actor Bryan Cranston’s LEED® Platinum Home

    When “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston thought about creating a new home on the beach, he decided he wanted a net-zero energy house that was LEED Platinum certified. Known as the 3 Palms Project, Cranston’s home is outfitted with, among other things, an ELAN g! entertainment and control system.

  • Exquisite Integration

    In this home automation project the homeowner’s top goal was high-performance—yet totally discreet—technology with an emphasis on interior design and architecture. The homeowner loves music and technology, and wanted home systems to be hidden but not at the expense of exceptionally high performance.

  • Media Rooms Vs. Dedicated Theaters

    Sometimes a dedicated home theater isn’t in the cards because we don’t have a room to dedicate for this use. Or, perhaps you have an available room but prefer a more casual, dual-use space to enjoy your entertainment experience. If a dedicated home theater is off the table, a high-performance media room a viable alternative to a dedicated theater.

  • Pure Sophistication

    Mexican home technology professional firm BaseNTX has formed a valuable bond with architectural firm Z D+A Architects—so much so that owner Yuris Zagorin enlisted them to work on his own home. A staunch advocate for sustainable living, Zagorin also uses his home as a showroom for potential clients, which gave BaseNTX the opportunity to showcase the best home automation and sustainable-living options it could provide.


  • Industry Partner Q&A

    Phil Kean, of Phil Kean Design Group, talks about everything from what comprises good design to the future of the high-tech home.