Fall 2014 Update II

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Exclusive Publication of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

A Message from CEDIA’s Chairman

I have just returned from the CEDIA Awards Banquet put on by the CEDIA EMEA office near London. The European branch of CEDIA does a formal event every year, and this year’s event was in the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich—as in Greenwich Mean Time and longitude 0 degrees.  

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Premium features

  • A Winning Performance

    After racing stock cars for more than 30 years, NASCAR legend Mark Martin has learned that flawless performance requires a perfect blend of functionality, adaptation, reliability and speed. When he’s racing at 200 miles per hour there is no margin for error or equipment failure. And that’s what he wanted in his home environment as well.

  • An Rx for E-Anxiety

    E-anxiety: That nagging fear of electronics deemed too expensive or too sophisticated (read: complicated) for the average person to even consider installing as a housewide project. Such was the case for this wary homeowner, but Graytek helped quell his fears.

  • Hands-On & High-Tech

    The homeowners of this project took a hands-on approach to the design, making it critical that home technology professional ZIO Group and its design team educate and inform the homeowners throughout the process, while at the same time not overwhelming or confusing them.

  • The Art of Technology

    It’s one thing to work with interior designers frequently on various projects; it’s another when one of those interior designers is your homeowner as well. Overcoming common challenges while also envisioning the project through their eyes were elements home technology professional ForTech Solutions recently encountered with this install.

  • Wearable Technology on the Rise

    These days, the smartphone is no longer the only piece of technology we are attached to 24/7—increasingly, the connected consumer is also outfitted with a fitness band, watch or clip that gives feedback on factors like step count, sleep patterns, heart rate, skin temperature, perspiration and more.

  • Zero-Waste, Total Efficiency

    Technology can actually help save energy and money if it is done correctly. Take, for example, home technology professional Konnectiv’s IZero4, a high-tech home located in Harrogate, England, that offers the best of both worlds—a home automation and control brain, as well as an environmental and ecological heart.


  • Parting Words

    Homeowners convey their thoughts on the projects in this issue of Electronic Lifestyles.